• No hacking or abusing any game bugs and game exploits.
  • No building in caves like the underworld BIOME. Caves without important spawns or underworld entrances are ok to build in also ruins are ok.
  • No blocking spawns of resources with random structures or small bases. This includes penguin spawns. Fyi if you do this the server might punish you before admins do.
  • No Auto Turrets or PlantX on any Platform Saddles. Man-able Mini-gun, Rocket, Ballista, and Catapult turrets can be built.
  • No blocking ANY DINO rider with any building or object, driver must be able to be picked. Also, the driver MUST be visible to the point of being able to be shot at clearly from 3 sides.

*All store donations go towards improving and maintaining this server. If you have any questions please log on to our Teamspeak or forums



To prevent any scamming and to show proof of delivery all donation gift’s given in game will be video recorded.

It is YOUR obligation and responsibility to keep your items and or Dino’s safe. Please keep in mind this is a PVP server.